Productor de aguacate y mango 100% ecológico

Finca Garabito

Located in the municipality of Casares, in the province of Cádiz. It is an ambitious project that Jalhuca started in 2015 and which aims to achieve an organic avocado crop of 220 ha, in which we have already planted 125 ha.

Our objective is a production of 3,000 T. This will allow us to guarantee our customers a greater availability of products with total control over the production, handling and marketing process.

Mapa Garabito

Our project on this farm is executed in different phases:

Stage 1: Planting, 35 ha during the 2017 season.
Stage 2: Planting, 45 ha during the 2018 season.
Stage: Planting, 45 ha during the 2019 season.
Stages 4 and 5: to be carried out in 2023.

With this farm we have one of the largest organic avocado plantations in Europe.

This guarantees assured traceability and greater availability of the product with complete control of the production, handling and marketing process.

Finca Garabito has two varieties of avocados: Hass, 92% and Bacon, 8%.